Psilocybin, found in some fungi, is used in the treatment of depression as well as other conditions. Research shows that; Positive or mystical experiences that are induced by psilocybin are the main ingredient in the ‘magic mushrooms,’ which last a whole year. You must understand the benefits of magic mushroom therapy and maybe try some day.

Why Psilocybin? 

If you asked anyone about their experience after they tried “magic mushrooms,” the majority will narrate life-changing stories. Yes! They are not hallucinating. Psilocybin is a primary compound in mushrooms

that helps people overcome treatment-resistant or life-disrupting conditions. The conditions may be significant depression or addiction, among others. 

Of course, psilocybin is classified as an illicit drug in most countries because of its high potential for abuse. But because of the benefits of magic mushroom therapy, there has been a recent strong resurgence in its interest. 

‘Shrooms: A Brief History 

For over 10 000 years, ‘mushroom dispensary ” found their use in medical and spiritual rituals. This is due to their capacity to change consciousness and trigger mystical experiences.

The Benefits of Magic Mushroom Therapy

Psilocybin suppresses conditions such as addiction (cocaine, smoking, and alcoholism). Various pilot studies reveal that almost 80% of nicotine addicts who underwent magic mushroom therapy stopped smoking. Better still, a whopping 60% abstained months later. 

Research on psilocybin says that it can treat addiction psychology – and does not only remove withdrawal symptoms or reduce cravings. Additionally, impressive results reveal that psilocybin treats depression and death–related anxiety. When combined with psychotherapy, patients affected by major depressive disorder significantly improve.

Even though the results are not noticeable, significant development is witnessed to accrue more benefits of magic mushroom therapy. As much as psilocybin shows these excellent results, researchers are doing well in looking to solve anorexia, demoralization syndrome, Alzheimer’s, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other conditions. 

Psilocybin and Its Magic Work in Your Brain 

Of course, how psilocybin triggers mood changes, and behaviour alteration remains a mystery. However, when people are on psychedelic drugs, their brains communicate much differently than their original “program.” 

Psilocybin and other stimulators massively influence brain entropy. This means the neurons in your brain become non – focused hence decreasing activity in an area of the brain called the Default Mode Network (DMN). These changes to the brain trigger new forms of activity and behavioural changes. 


Despite the benefits of magic mushroom therapy, it is essential to moderate the use of the psilocybin substance. This is because; repeated use may render it significantly less effective. But, it is advisable to consult your therapist for more information.