Microdosing is administering low doses of a drug to humans to study its effects on humans. The drug is usually administered in insufficient quantities, which are unlikely to cause whole-body impacts, but they are enough to allow response to conduct the study. In this case, we will discuss Microdose mushrooms, which is the study of certain compounds contained in mushrooms. 

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In this case, the content on the test is psilocybin in the form of a psychedelic.

Reasons for Microdosing

  1. One of the main reasons for microdosing is that it increases creativity. Research by medical experts shows that people who microdose mushrooms consume LSD, increasing open-mindedness because psilocybin can make the brain communicate differently.
  2. It improves mental health. Many people suffer from depression and stress. A study conducted in 2019 showed that microdoses of psilocybin had decreased anxiety and depression because of the positive effect of the drug on serotonin. Medics recommend microdose mushrooms to people who suffer from such issues.
  3. It improves mood and focus. Some research shows that most microdoses who use mushrooms experience improvement in their attitude and an increase in stress and mindfulness. Focusing, however, is not permanent Mushroom microdosing only helps someone to have an increased concentration span.
  4. It also helps people quit some habits, such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes or even using stimulants like coffee. Although mushroom micro-dosing has been used to help people quit certain habits because of psilocybin, it has still not been scientifically proven and has no evidence.

Risks associated with mushroom microdosing

Like any other drug, mushroom microdosing has side effects and works differently for different people. It is not for everyone. There is a joint compound, hallucinogen, which some people may be sensitive to due to differences in immune systems. Other side effects may include; reduced focus, uncomfortable sensations, or even increased anxiety.

Additionally, people with underlying conditions such as anxiety disorder are usually advised to refrain from mushroom microdosing since it may worsen the state – also, people with a history of psychotic illness. 


Most drugs used in microdosing are unsafe, so you should consider that before trying microdose mushrooms. Again microdosing should not produce intoxicating effects since its goal is to make you feel energetic, relaxed, and creative, so if you feel uncomfortable and have adverse results while using it is advisable that you stop.